Education does not change the world.

"Education does not change the world. Education changes people. People change the world.” — Paulo Freire, Brazilian Philosopher and Educator

Mag Ngwira at an event in Lilongwe, Malawi.

Teachers are the essential link to delivering quality education to children all around the world. While facilities such as a school-buildings, books and other learning materials are a vital part of a students education, high quality study materials become obsolete with a low-quality teacher.

Today at Iduka we caught up with one of our first volunteers from Malawi who is truly passionate about her students. Mag Ngwire is currently studying in Norway with the hopes of obtaining a degree in country development. As a former teacher in a developing country, and a gifted student, Mag offers some advise to both students and teachers that is relevant around the world for those aspiring to be the best that they can be.

Mag Ngwira in Norway.

“I taught the future” As a teacher, I feel like the future of my kids, when I’m teaching them is literally in my hands. If I choose not to handle it as I should, they might not have the kind of future that they may want. That is very exciting, but scary at the same time.”

As a student I remember one of my teachers very well. He taught me in my secondary school (junior high). He recognized me not just as a student, but rather as a person. If I was making noise in class, he would call my name. He had high expectations because he knew what we were able to do, and you felt like he knew you, not just as a random student but as a person. When I knew that someone knew me as a person and wished the best for me, in his presence I would try hard to be as good of a student as I could be, because I knew he was watching. He took me in because he knew what I was able to do.

Mag Ngwira in Malawi.

“I think identifying students as individuals is so important. You relate to them as a person, and they relate to you. Most students run away from teachers. However, if a teacher really knows a student at a personal level, you stop being that “authority figure” and someone who they can listen to and identify with.”

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