What is Iduka?

Iduka is a crowdfunding platform for post-secondary education. 

Why is Iduka needed?

Statistics show that 70% of all new jobs will require some form of post-secondary education; and students from low-income backgrounds are at a greater disadvantage to acquire adequate skills, get a job and be self-reliant due to lack of additional funds to cover their education costs. 

Iduka provides assistance to cover unmet needs for underprivileged and underrepresented populations from underserved communities.   

What is distinctive about Iduka?

We finance education as a means to increase employment, stimulate entrepreneurship, and ensure self-reliance.

We do this by Crowdfunding students who volunteer in their communities to pay it forward for their financial assistance, and are willing to get engaged in our mentorship and internship programs.

Why should donors give to this effort?

By investing in our students’ education you help us educate the leaders of tomorrow, and assist them entering the workforce with the right set of skills. You are also directly helping local communities benefiting from these students’ mandatory volunteer work.