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Why We Need Your Help

At Iduka we feel that every student has the fundamental right to learn in a safe, supportive environment, and to be treated with respect and compassion. 

Violence, oppression, and persecution has forced more than 60 Million people from their homes. It’s hard to comprehend, let alone accept, that at this moment the number of refugees and internally displaced people has reached its highest point since World War II. And the number keeps on growing.

Statistically speaking (and in this case, numbers do matter!), one out of 122 people have been displaced. To put it into perspective, just imagine the entire population of Spain or Italy being pushed out of their homes and people of all ages and from all walks of live forced to leave their families and livelihood behind to save their lives. 

We know we cannot help every single person, but all of us can still respond in a meaningful, tangible way by investing in a young unaccompanied student refugee. 

For millions of student refugees, opportunity for higher education and a better life is only a dream. Together with Iduka you have the power to help to protect and show these students that education is their path to self-reliance. By funding this program, you can make this dream a reality and also help us to reassure: 

1) The refugee student - that completing post-secondary education is their path to realize their full potential;

2) The local Pathway student - that we care deeply about ensuring their self-reliance, as well as the economic development and competitiveness of their communities.

We hope you will join the #Pathway2Refugees Campaign this season to make sure that our Pathway and refugee students can continue their schooling.

How Your Money Makes A Difference

#Pathway2Refugees is a matching fund program designed to support refugee students studying or willing to study at a Portuguese University. 

For each refugee student you support, we will also sponsor a student in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries attending BYU-ID Pathway program.

Where Your Donation Goes

To successfully develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate the #Pathway2Refugees program in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries we need to raise adequate funds to hire staff; run outreach campaigns; and pay for equipment and facilities.

Pathway 2 Refugees - matching funds campaign for BYU-ID Pathway students and Refugee students.

Tipping point is 25K

Ultimate goal is 75K

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