Power of 10 Teachers Campaign (Mozambique)


Why We Need Your Help

We often complain that our student-teacher ratio is too high. California at (24.9) had the highest US student-teacher ratio in 2012-2013 (K-12)¹; while on average, Mozambique has 62 students per teacher in 2014.² We all know these statistics are probably flawed and may not mean much. But imagine having to teach a class of more than 60 students without adequate training, no school supplies, lack of monitoring and support; while enduring long working hours and having the parents complain you lack motivation and professional attitude³.

Reducing class size is not, on its own, enough to improve the overall quality of education in Mozambique. It’s certainly a less efficient measure than increasing the quality of teaching. But Mozambique needs assistance in recruiting a lot more teachers and improving the skillset of its current teachers, and you can help to make it happen.

How Your Money Makes a Difference

The #powerof10T will award 100 scholarships (10 in each Mozambican province) to outstanding teachers who could benefit from further education or additional training.

For each educator you support, we will reach 62 local students. Altogether this comes to a total of 100 well trained teachers touching the lives of 6,200 students on a daily basis. That’s impactful!

Where Your Donation Money Goes

To successfully develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate the #powerof10T campaign in Mozambique we need to raise adequate funds to hire local staff; run outreach campaigns in each Mozambican province; and pay for equipment, utilities, and facilities.

Tipping point is 25K

Ultimate goal 50K

¹ NEA Research

² Global Partnership for Education  

³ Education Reform in Mozambique: Lessons and Challenges, by Louise Fox, Lucrecia Santibañez, Vy Nguyen, Pierre André

Power of 10 Teachers Campaign - Training 10X10 outstanding teachers in Mozambique.

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