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Why We Need Your Help

The Refugee crisis has deteriorated dramatically in the last few years and the situation is getting worse with the escalation of military action in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It’s the women and children that usually suffer the most, but it is the youth that carries the burden of despair as a lost generation. Young refugees struggle daily to survive in a hostile environment long after they flee the war zones, where fighting hunger and fending off all sorts of aggression matter more than textbooks and school. 

Although the future may look bleak for the millions of displaced youth, we have the power to make them see beyond today, and start looking forward to the day they can make a difference too. We need to get the youth back to school; otherwise we are going to lose another generation.  By funding this program, you can help us reassure the: 

  1. Refugee student that education is the most important tool they have in their arsenal to rebuild their lives and their country when time comes;
  2. Hosting communities that their social problems, like homelessness and inclusion of children of incarcerated individuals, are not set aside by this humanitarian crisis;
  3. National governments that “we the people” are willing to share the “burden” of the refugee crisis in an innovative and collaborative way;
  4. European countries understand that immigrants of all stripes increase a country’s total gross domestic product.

There is no doubt that the long-term effect of admitting refugees might be even more positive than the short-term boost, and by investing in this campaign you can be on the right side of history.

How Your Money Makes A Difference

#ScholarCHIP4R is a matching fund campaign designed to support refugee students studying or willing to attend an education institution in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), while we will simultaneously sponsor a local CHIP student (Children of Homeless or Incarcerated Parent) from the hosting communities.

What We Need

To successfully develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate the #ScholarCHIP4R campaign we need to raise adequate funds to hire staff; run outreach campaigns in refugee camps, homeless shelters, prisons; and pay for equipment and facilities.

Make A Difference! Donate!

Tipping point is 25K

Ultimate goal 50K

ScholarCHIP4Refugees - Matching fund scholarships for Children of Homeless and Incarcerated Parents and Refugees.

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