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Why We Need Your Help

Since its inception Iduka has been an all-volunteer organization (AVO), without paid staff. That meant relying completely on its founder and few board members to carry on the operational and administrative tasks. All this time we have been depending 100% on the passion and commitment of our volunteer force to plan and implement fundraising activities, carry on communication with the community, file the necessary legal forms, and lead and execute all program and service activities.

We need your help to make the transition from a limited impact AVO to a nonprofit with full operational capacity. Only then, will we be able to fully develop our ideas and implement our programs. It’s all about impact!

How Your Money Makes A Difference

Fueled by his passion for the cause of education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance, our founder has been the “glue” that kept the organization running for the past 7 years.  He spent most of his time nurturing old relationships and fostering new ones in order to advance the mission, one step at a time. Early in 2015 Miguel gave up his job at LinkedIn in California (and all of his company’s many perks!) for his next play at Iduka.  

#supportiduka2016 | Miguel | Executive Director from iduka on Vimeo.

With the financial support of an Innovation Grant from LinkedIn for Good Foundation he assembled a “pro bono” team to build Iduka’s crowdfunding platform and started a pilot project in the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP). For the past year he has been running the organization´s day-to-day operational tasks without any financial reward. 

Your donation to this campaign will help us further advance our mission and have a positive impact in the life of our students.

What We Need

Your investment will allow us to hire our founder as the Executive Director, so our Board can finally focus its full attention on the role that matters the most: governance, and we can fulfill our mission.

Make A Difference! Help Us Hire Miguel.

Tipping point: 20K

Ultimate goal: 50K

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